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Blue Core
Blue Core
[1.0.0-DEV] Everything you need for your server is in this plugin.


Why Use Blue Core?

With Blue Core, you'll have all the essential tools a Minecraft server needs. This plugin gives you a solid foundation with features like MOTD, Titles, Action Bar, Tab List, Scoreboard, Warps, Chat Utilities, Custom Commands, World Manager, and many useful commands. It will not only simplify your server administration, but it will also improve the experience for your players.



Already Added

  • MOTD: Customize the message that greets players upon logging in.
  • Titles: Display eye-catching text messages to players.
  • Actionbar: Display short messages on the action bar.
  • Tablist: Customize the appearance of the player list in the tab screen.
  • Scoreboard: Create custom scoreboards to display information to players.
  • Warps: Set up teleports for players to quickly move around the server.
  • Chat Utilities: Enhance your chat experience with features like chat formatting, anti-swearing, command blocking, and more.
  • Custom Commands: Create custom commands to help players navigate your server.
  • World Manager: Easily manage and switch between different worlds on your server.
  • Kits: Create and manage pre-configured sets of items for players to quickly access.
  • Economy System: Manage a virtual economy on your server, with features like currency, shops, and trading.

Planned Features

  • Over 300 commands: A wide range of commands to cater to players, moderation, and more.
  • Permissions Manager: Manage user permissions and control who has access to what on your server.
  • Hologram Manager: Create and manage floating text displays to grab player attention.
  • Auth System: Implement secure authentication to keep your server protected.



The plugin has not yet been officially released, so the documentation is not yet available. If you want to test the plugin now do it in a test environment.


Contributes to the development

If you would like to contribute to the development of BlueCore, please visit our GitHub repository. (https://github.com/BluevaDevelopment/BlueCore) Here are some ways you can help:

  • Report bugs: If you find a bug in the plugin, you can report it on the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Request features: If you have an idea for a new feature you would like to see in Blue Core, you can request it on the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Contribute code: If you have programming skills, you can contribute code to the project on GitHub. See the contribution guidelines for more information.
  • Translate: If you speak a language that is not currently available in Blue Core, you can contribute by translating the language files. See the translation guidelines for more information.

Contributors: dnlblasco
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